We develop first-class strategies, concepts, designs and software for Web, social media and mobile with a strong focus on startups.


Focus on Startups

The world needs young entrepreneurs and their products to make the world a little bit better. And we are happy to support startups that need help with financing, finding the right partner or realizing a product vision; we deliver strategies, concepts, designs and, of course, technology. We will even get involved ourselves if desired. Our goal is to make your company happy again and the world a slightly better place.


We do not run on gasoline; technology is our motor and our profound digital understanding your benefit. We provide help where your partners get stuck and stand by your side with advice so you can complete your tasks and solve problems; we make sure you do not take a wrong turn on the map of the World Wide Web. The same principles apply here as well: Technology is not everything, but nothing works without it.

Strategic Design

Your product or company is more than just a colorful logo or a complex annual balance sheet. We could mention at this point that we accompany our clients from strategy development to the conception- and planning phase all the way to the implementation of the developed design system, or that we realize technical conception, information architecture, SEO and design. However, all these technical terms can quickly give readers a headache, and thus one sentence should suffice: It starts with your idea and ends with a marketable product provided by us.


Looking good is also important on the Internet. An engaging and user-friendly presence on the Web is an indispensable component of a company or brand; it is, in a sense, the face of the company. And we support our customers by giving them an appealing presence and letting their face shine. We take care of concept, design, programming and website maintenance, content management systems, blogs, social media solutions and other digital communication channels. but we wanted to avoid all these technical terms.


PCs can be quite cumbersome and heavy for on-the-go usage - our solution: We offer our entire range of services as mobile applications on smart phones or tablets. This will save you energy and provide access to a greater number of users and website visitors. iOS, Android, WebApps, Phonegap and Windows Mobile are tools for us and not borrowed words. Integration with servers, content management systems or as stand-alone. What would you like?

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